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Do you speak English? I can help you with psychotherapy or counselling.

I'm a clinical psychologist and licensed psychotherapist (clientcentered-experiential therapist). This is a Master's and an Advanced Master's degree, both recognized. Most mutualities serve a partial refund for the costs of therapy.

I'm a certified coach in parental difficulties. At the moment I'm following an existential well-being and counseling course.

I worked in the mental health care sector, in youth care and with people with disabilities. In youth care I supported families with complex parenting problems and children with behavioral and emotional difficulties. I coached children to feel better in conflict situations when their parents divorced. I guided persons with autism/Asperger, acquired brain injury and mental disabilities, as well as their caregivers. 

My education and experience equipped me well to help you with problems regarding:

-mood (depression, anxiety, trauma)

-work problems and burn-out

-relational difficulties and couples therapy

-parenting problems

-stress-related problems


-eating disorders

-low self esteem

-search for meaning, existential questions

-personal growth and wellbeing

-being highly intelligent or gifted, living with intensity

-being highly sensitive

-finding a gentle way to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts (focusing)


Individual therapy                  50 minutes                           50 euro

Couples therapy                    60 minutes                           60 euro

Therapy at your home      50-60 minutes    Starting from 60 euro

Feel free to contact me.

Gitte Segers

Meulegoor 15

2370 Arendonk

E-Mail: segersgitte@gmail.com

Phone: +32(0)489 427 353